Playground Youth is a 501c3 community-based organization operating out of Playground Coffee Shop in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. At Playground Youth, we support Bed-Stuy by ensuring a space to exchange art, cultural knowledge, and strategies. We tackle a range of community needs including Literacy, Food Equity, and Arts and Culture through a range of accessible programs and events.

Take One Leave One Library: The mission of the Take One, Leave One Free Library initiative is to provide free, thoughtful, and radical books by Black, Indigenous, Brown, POC, and LGBTQI+ authors to our community. The premise of taking a book and leaving one is an act of care, sharing stories, spreading resources, and amplification of voices that may have been overlooked. Through the library, we want to increase awareness around a myriad of topics and encourage the joy of reading.

Community Fridges: The Playground Community Fridge Initiative is committed to bringing free and fresh produce daily to Bed-Stuy in direct protest to food insecurity. The Community Fridge Initiative is part of Playground’s food equity programming dedicated to making food healthy and accessible.