Artist Highlight: Sterling Juan Diaz



New York City, NY since birth by way of San Francisco de Macorís, República Dominicana

Fave timeless track?

Larry Heard Presents: Mr White - The Sun Can't Compare (Long Version)

What inspired this mix?

I wanted this mix to be a combination of everything that I love about music outside of the context of a club. A selection of tracks that currently help me get by. After being on a Playground Radio Hiatus and coming back to it years later in a world that's hard to love these days, this mix is definitely inspired by the prospect of good and hope for a better tomorrow, today. And of course, as always, NYC

Fave scent?

Kind of... Gasoline, like the smell of Gas Stations –is this crazy?

Recent fave pics from camera roll?

Right now, it's this old family photo of some of the women in my life in NY during the 90's from the iconic collection of film photos saved at my mom's house from my recent trip back to RD. Pretty sure this pic was during Christmas maybe 93 or 94 at some family gathering. In the Picture is me, my mom Tamara, my Grandma America, my aunt Taran, and my cousin Keila.

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