Playground Coffee Shop

Playground Coffee Shop, a community space, and coffee shop focused on social and conscious awareness in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. In our neighborhood, we provide a space for local activists to organize around poignant issues. In aiding the community we exist in, we not only want to alter the thinking of the community but of the entire culture.


Playground Annex

The Annex is an extension of Playground Coffee Shop. It is a space that chiefly houses books and zines alongside clothing and other merchandise. We support and prioritize work from Black, Brown, and POC authors, artists, collectives, organizations, and other like-minded persons.

The Annex has been intentionally curated to fuel inspiration and encourage dialogue that occurs between recto-verso book material. We are actively promoting the notion that art and literacy should be accessible to all.

We want the Annex to be a limb of Playground yet also a stand-alone environment that serves those searching and seeking for voices.


Playground Radio

Playground Radio is an online radio platform that operates out of BedStuy, Brooklyn centering the QTPOCI community. We are an independent internet radio station serving as an open-access platform for those marginalized. We are intentional in our efforts to create an environment tailored to sharing space for underserved artists within our community. Playground Radio is housed under Playground Coffee Shop and cultivates a dynamic range of original programming in partnership with all of our collaborators. In this abundant era of digital existence, Playground Radio acts as a digital archive of sorts, recording, collecting and memorializing the stories of our community.


Playground Eats

Playground Eats provides food that is accessible, sustainable, affordable and local. We prioritize an environment that is inclusive of marginalized bodies and has a zero-tolerance policy for traditionally harmful notions regarding food. Through various food distribution support services, we promote forward thinking, community, and diversity.


Playground Youth

Playground Youth supports the Bed-Stuy community by ensuring a safe space to exchange art, cultural knowledge, and strategies. We tackle a range of community health needs through accessible programs, workshops, and events.